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Our Vision

"Worshippers...Walking in the Word...Witnessing to the World"

To teach people True Praise that causes one to:  


1. Know God: Intimate Relationship with God 

2. Love God - Love Him and Keep His Commandments 

3. Give to God - Time, Talent, Treasure 

4. Serve God - Working in Ministry 

5. Imitate God - Be Like Him 

6. Please God - In Your Attitude and Actions 

7. Exemplify God - Be a Witness to Others 

Our Mission

"Leading a dying world to Know God, Grow in God, Go for God, and Show the Love of God." - KGGS


KNOW a real relationship with GOD


GROW in a relationship with GOD


GO and tell of the relationship with GOD


SHOW the Love of a relationship with GOD 

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